Supreno® EC Nitrile Gloves


Supreno® gloves provide the durability needed for demanding applications and meet your requirement of strength and comfort. Lowest pinhole rates (AQL 0.65) sets a new standard for protection. Non-stick properties resist tape and adhesives. Available in extended cuff for added protection across the forearm.


  • Glove interior: Powder-free, chlorinated, polymer-coated
  • Glove exterior: Textured fingers
  • Exceptional protection
  • Increased productivity
  • Secure and confident grip
  • Effortless donning and doffing
  • Protection from type 1 allergies
  • Keep out of direct sunlight; store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from sources of ozone or ignition
  • Suitable for high-risk applications and feature an extended cuff to protect the wrist and forearm
  • Interior polymer coating makes gloves easy to don
  • Textured fingers allow for reliable grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Laboratory tests confirm no permeation of Fentanyl gastric acid (vomit) when exposed for up to 240 minutes providing comprehensive protection in overdose situations.
  • Available in sizes Small to 3XL

Recommended for use when:

  • Strength and protection are of great importance
  • Day-to-day hazards require the best combination of durability and security
  • Working in environments that demand consistent grip and reliability

Applications: Industries, crime scene evaluation, patient examinations, analytical testing, food processing, laboratory analysis and testing, maintaining equipment and instruments, pharmaceutical manufacturing, printing industry


  • Length: 11.6in
  • Palm: 5.5mil
  • Finger: 8.7mil

Gloves meet or exceed the emergency medical glove requirements of NFPA 1999

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