Infusomat® Space Pump Set with Caresite® Needleless IV System

Manufacturer: B. BRAUN MEDICAL INC.
Manufacturer: B. BRAUN MEDICAL INC.

Infusomat® pump sets offer comprehensive standard and Design Options lines of disposables, integrating easily into clinical requirements and allowing quicker therapy starts. 

Additional Features:

  • Drops per mL: 15
  • Priming volume: 22mL
  • Length: 120in
  • 2 CARESITE luer access devices
  • Roller clamp
  • Slide clamp
  • Backcheck valve
  • SPIN-LOCK® connector
  • Universal spike
  • Pressure limited check valve
  • Not made with natural rubber latex, DEHP or PVC offering a greater focus on inpatient safety
  • Pump- and set-based free-flow protection offer the latest best practice
  • Greater compliance with Joint Commission, OSHA, CDC guidelines

Care Categories:

  • Blood
  • Burette
  • Epidural
  • Extension
  • Filtered
  • Microbore
  • Nitroglycerin (polyethylene-lined tubing)
  • ULTRABLOCK™ UV light sensitive protected


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