Physio Control Replacement AED Training Electrodes, LIFEPAK® 500 Compatible

Manufacturer: STRYKER
Manufacturer: STRYKER

The Physio-Control Replacement AED Training Electrodes are for use with LIFEPAK® trainers. These reusable electrodes are for training purposes only and are good for around 30 applications each. The Replacement AED Training Electrodes are compatible with the LIFEPAK® 500 and 1000 AED trainers.  They can also be used with the LIFEPAK® 12, 15, 20 and 20E Defibrillator trainers.


  • For Use With: LIFEPAK® 12, 15, 20, 20E, 500 and 1000 AED trainers
  • Adhesive electrode portion only

Please note: Requires Physio-Control Cable/Connector Assembly Reusable Foil Pouch for Training Electrodes to operate.

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