Caliber® Adjustable Aneroid Blood Pressure Cuff, Large Adult, Navy Blue

The Caliber Adjustable Aneroid Blood Pressure Cuff is specially designed so the user can easily set the gauge to zero if needed. Insert a mini-screwdriver (included) into the stem of the gauge and turn the screwdriver until the needle returns to zero. Features an easy squeeze inflation bulb that comfortably fits in your hand. The aneroid gauge shows large easy-to-read numbers, perfect for those with poor vision. You will enjoy its manual design to gain accurate results. Convenient zippered carrying case ensures you will always have this handy blood pressure kit ready to go. Ideal for doctors, nurses, EMTs, other medical professionals and students! Includes deluxe air release valve, inflation bulb, blue nylon calibrated cuff, zippered carrying case and 20-year replacement warranty on the gauge. Contains latex. Large adult size. Navy blue.
  • User can reset the gauge if needed
  • Easy squeeze inflation bulb
  • Aneroid gauge with easy-to-read numbers
  • Convenient zippered carrying case
  • Deluxe air release valve
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