Summit LifeDop 150 Series Hand-Held Doppler with 3MHz Obstetrical Probe, 35mm L x 70mm W x 140mm D

The LifeDop150 is a non-display handheld doppler with superior sound quality. It features rechargeable batteries and audio recording options (available on specific models). The LifeDop 150 accepts all non-directional LifeDop probes.
  • This probe is the best general purpose obstetrical probe for early fetal heart detection through deliver
  • The wide-beam of the probe decreases the time spent locating the heart beat
  • The Doppler-probe connection can deteriorate over time but with our probes
  • Durable plastic housing helps to eliminate the crystal cracking from accidental drops
  • Superior sound quality is produced using custom chip technology, minimizing static often heard with traditional probes
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