Hi-Tack Foam Wet Gel ECG Electrodes, 2in Diameter, Adult

Adult radiotranslucent foam electrode, 2in (50mm) diameter non-invasive patient monitor supplies and accessories.
  • Wet gel electrode
  • Suitable for x-ray environment radio-translucent
  • Disposable radiolucent foam electrode
  • For use where X-rays will be used
  • Silver/silver-chloride (Ag/AgCl) sensor
  • Non-metallic snap, pre-gelled
  • All adult ECG monitoring and MR systems
  • Single-patient use
  • 45 to 25°C ECG electrode temperature range for storage
  • Ideal for defi brilator/monitors and emergency response
  • Sealed carbon plastic snaps
  • MR safe and compatible with Philips 1.0T, 1.5T and 3.0T MR system
  • Each sealed foil pouch provides a moisture barrier to prevent dry-o
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