Superset Double Swivel Catheter Mount 22ID-22OD/15ID, 70mm-150mm


The Superset range of catheter mounts have a concertina design to allow for positioning control.  This allows the catheter mount to be set in any required position.

The design allows the adjustment of deadspace from 20ml to 40ml (code 3504: 15-36ml) and the adjustment of length from 70mm to 150mm, excluding connectors (code 3504) for total control.

The range is available with fixed and swivel elbows and a variety of ports for all applications. All Intersurgical port caps are retainable for safety; fixed to the port connectors to ensure that they cannot be misplaced in use.

  • Flip top cap with 7.6mm port - for connection of all standard 7.6mm probes or suctioning.
  • Luer ports - for secure attachment of gas sampling lines with luer lock fittings.
  • Double flip top cap with seal - opening the first tab on the cap allows for the introduction of a fibre optic bronchoscope whilst maintaining airway pressure. Opening the second tab allows for suctioning if required
  • 22F
  • Double flip top cap with seal
  • 22M/15F, 70mm-150mm
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