Replacement Jaw for Laerdal Little Baby, QCPR


Laerdal Little Baby QCPR delivers real time and summative feedback on key parameters of quality CPR using free apps for smartphones and tablets, including the QCPR Instructor App for multiplestudent monitoring, and the QCPR Learner App for students to monitor their own performance. The apps are available for download from the App Store and Google Play. The SkillGuide (sold separately) provides a tethered feedback option, and can be used by itself or as a supplement to the apps. Little Baby QCPR helps improve CPR training quality and efficiency, while creating a fun and engaging element for students with the award winning QCPR Race feature.

  • Quality CPR feedback technology on compression rate, depth, recoil, chest compression fraction, hand placement, and ventilations
  • Audio crying feedback for choking training
  • Multiple student monitoring from the palm of your hand
  • Gaming element to help make learning stick
  • Realistic look and feel of a baby


1 Pack includes:

  • (1) Manikin 
  • (1) Airway 
  • (6) Manikin Wipes
  • (1) Jumpsuit for manikin 
  • (1) Soft pack carry case
4 Pack includes:
  • (4) Manikins
  • (6) Airways
  • (12) Manikin Wipes 
  • (4) Jumpsuits for manikins 
  • (1) Four-pack carrying case 
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