QuikClot Combat Hemostatic Gauze, Black, 3in x 4yd

Manufacturer: Z-MEDICA LLC
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Manufacturer: Z-MEDICA LLC
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Product description:

As the first on the scene to any accident or disaster, law enforcement officials are the first point of care for victims. QuikClot hemostasis products put life-saving technology into the hands of law enforcement officials, giving them the power to treat severe traumatic bleeding and to save lives.

QuikClot® Combat Hemostatic Gauze LE™ features:

  • Z-folded soft
  • White
  • Sterile
  • Non-Woven
  • Gauze impregnated with kaolin. An inert mineral that does not contain animal or human proteins or botanicals
  • Individually wrapped in an easy rip, military grade foil pouch
  • Contains an X-ray detectable strip for easy identification

Dimensions: 3-inch x 4-yard strip

QuikClot products are able to rapidly stop bleeding in a variety of situations:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Workplace and at-home accidents
  • Gunshot, knife and other assault wounds
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QuikClot Combat Hemostatic Gauze, Black, 3in x 4yd
Product # 1214-35034
Color Black
Application Controls Bleeding
Sterile Yes
Brand QuikClot
Dimensions 3in x 4yd