Microcap™ Capnograph, EtCO2, Portable Handheld

Manufacturer: COVIDIEN
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Manufacturer: COVIDIEN
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Product description:
The Microcap handheld capnograph with Microstream®-enabled technology provides an accurate, reliable and easy-to-use assessment of your patient’s respiratory status, whether intubated or nonintubated, in any clinical setting.
  • Accurate measurement technology - Accuracy 0 to 38mmHg ±2mmHg, 39 to 99mmHg ±5% of Reading
  • IR-based technology that is CO2 specific
  • Unaffected by the presence of other inhaled gases
  • Clear, crisp, waveforms and accurate respiratory rates
  • Fast on power-up; fully accurate at first reading
  • Low sampling flow rate of 50mL/min, required for neonates
  • Versatile design for fast, simple set up and use - A single, integrated sensor is engineered for use with all patient populations in all clinical environments
  • Offers the option to switch between patient types without re-zeroing or re-calibration
  • Rugged and cost effective - no expensive external sensor or cable to damage
  • Broad CO2 sampling line portfolio - A wide array of sampling lines to meet clinical needs - longer-term monitoring, high humidity environments, adult, pediatric and neonate patient types, both intubated and non-intubated, with or without supplemental oxygen delivery
  • A complete set of interface and connectivity options - Nurse call interface provides remote alarm connectivity to existing call system
  • Bernoulli MSM wireless technology platform enables data transfer to central monitoring systems
  • Interfaces with Philips (via VueLink) and spacelabs (via Flexport®*) monitoring systems
  • FilterLine® CO2 sampling line solutions are available for all patients, whether intubated or non-intubated, in any clinical setting
  • The unique Microstream™ patient interfaces reliably sample oral and nasal breathing, even in the presence of supplemental O2
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Microcap™ Capnograph, EtCO2, Portable Handheld
Product # NPB75
Interface Compatibility Microcap™ Only - One Parameter (v3.15 and Higher), Output to Philips CMS 2001, V24, V26 via VueLink A01 and A05. Output to Spacelabs Ultraview®, PCMS™
Respiratory Rate 0 to 150 Breaths/min
Modes Adult, Neonatal
Sampling Flow Rate 50mL/min
Flow Rate 50mL/min
Display Graphic LCD Display (128 x 64 dots) with LED Backlight (Contrast and Backlight Control), Bright, Seven-segment LED for Numeric Display of etCO2 and Respiratory Rate, Two Color Alarm Bar
Warm-Up Time 30 Seconds Typical
Alarm Adjustable Alarm Limits for etCO2, FiCO2 and Respiratory Rate
Accuracy 0 to 38mmHg ± 2mmHg, 39 to 99mmHg ± 5% of Reading
Nurse Call and Bernoulli MSM RS232 Interface Between Monitor and Remote Systems and Bernoulli MSM Nurse Call System Can be Easily Wired via Stereo Phone Jack
Display Range 0 to 99mmHg, 0 to 13.0 Vol%, 0 to 13.2kPa
Brand Microcap™