Capnostream 35 Kit

Quick, easy, and reliable access to respiratory status. It’s the key to providing safe and effective care — from a patient under sedation during a procedure to monitoring a patient on the general care floor. With a combination of Microstream™ capnography and Nellcor™ pulse oximetry technologies, you can count on the Capnostream™ 35 portable respiratory monitor to deliver. Continuous monitoring of etCO2, respiration rate, and SpO2. In virtually any clinical setting. It brings certainty where it matters most.
  • Continuous, non-invasive, real-time respiratory status monitoring of etCO2, SpO2, respiration rate, and pulse rate.
  • May help increase opportunities for clinicians to identify respiratory events earlier and intervene sooner when monitoring patients on the general care floor, in the emergency department and recovery room , during procedural sedation and during intra-hospital and prehospital transport.
  • Intended for use with patients of any age; adult, pediatric, infant to neonate; intubated to non-intubated, with sampling lines specifically developed for patient type and use case.
  • Rugged, lightweight, shockproof, ergonomic design that’s as functional in the hospital setting as it is in air and ground transport.
Smart algorithms and smart alarm capabilities:
  • The Integrated Pulmonary Index™ algorithm combines four real-time measures: etCO2, SpO2, respiratory rate and pulse rate, to provide an inclusive assessment of a patient’s respiratory status in a single number.
  • Apnea-Sat Alert™ algorithm provides actionable insight to potentially prevent adverse respiratory events with summary reports of recurring apnea events per hour as well as oxygen desaturations.
  • Smart alarm management technology may reduce clinically insignificant respiratory alarms and provides a clearer indication of patient status while preserving alarm vigilance. Smart alarm technology includes Nellcor™ pulse oximetry SatSeconds™ alarm management and Smart Alarm for Respiratory Analysis™ algorithm (SARA).
Data management capabilities:
  • Patient data can be sent wirelessly to the Vital Sync™ virtual patient monitoring platform, providing the flexibility to view patient information on any web enabled device, EMR or Clinical Information System.
  • Patient data can be stored on USB drive or SD Card, printed, and transferred to other data systems.
Kit includes:
  • Monitor
  • Battery
  • Manual
  • Quick Guide CD
  • AC Cables
  • DOC-4
  • FlexMax Boot Sensor
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