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SMART BAG® MO provides controlled ventilations while virtually eliminating the risks associated with conventional BVM ventilation and “inadvertent hyperventilation”. The patented actuating mechanism inside the neck bushing actively responds to the rescuer and the patient!

By responding to the rescuer’s squeeze and release of the BVM, the SMART BAG® MO limits the excessive flow of gas into the patient’s airway, lowering the airway pressure generated and significantly reducing the risks of “inadvertent hyperventilation”. If the bag is squeezed too hard the Smart Valve moves to lower the flowrate and the bag becomes stiff to squeeze. The airway pressure is kept to the minimum required to achieve adequate ventilation. The SMART Valve movement is visible through the patient valve body providing a visual, as well as the tactile and audible warning of improper technique. At no time is the flow of gas into the patient compromised.

If the patient’s airway is less compliant or more restrictive (as in patients with COPD or asthma), higher airway pressures may be required to provide adequate ventilation. In responding to this increased pressure requirement, the SMART BAG® MO will allow you to apply higher flowrates generating higher airway pressures to overcome the resistance/compliance problem but only when the patient’s airway condition requires them. By pressure balancing the Smart Valve to provide adequate ventilation you will “feel” this change in compliance and resistance as the SMART BAG® MO allows the higher flowrates to be generated.

By “self-adjusting” to both the patient and the rescuer, the SMART BAG® MO optimizes the Ventilations, controlling the inspiratory time and keeping the delivered flowrate and subsequent airway pressure to the minimum required for adequate ventilation. This results in a significant reduction in the risks associated with “inadvertent Hyperventilation” and its associated complications.

Available in both single use and re-usable silicone versions the SMART BAG® MO provides the controlled ventilation necessary for improved outcomes for patients in respiratory and/or cardiac arrest.

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