Control-Cric Cricothyrotomy Systems

Manufacturer: PULMODYNE
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Manufacturer: PULMODYNE
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Product description:

The Control-Cric™ is a Cricothyrotomy System which verifies tracheal location during a surgical airway procedure, without the need for visualization, air aspiration, or reliance of fine motor skills. The System includes the Cric-Knife™ and Cric-Key™.

The Control-Cric™ system includes:

  • (1) Cric-Key introducer/tube
  • (1) Cric-Knife™ with tracheal hook
  • (1) Stabilizing strap
  • (1) Inflation syringe
  • (1) Wedge
  • (1) Extension Tube

The Cric-Knife™ features:

  • A 10mm long dual sided blade with an integrated sliding tracheal hook.

The Cric-Key™ features:

  • A pre-shaped stylet
    • Which provides airway confirmation with tactile feedback from the tracheal rings
  • Along with a 5.5mm soft tube with cuff
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