Quicktrach Cricothyrotomy Kits

Manufacturer: TELEFLEX LLC
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Manufacturer: TELEFLEX LLC
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Product description:
The QuickTrach allows quick and safe access for ventilation in the presence of acute respiratory distress with upper airway obstruction.
The kit consists of:
  • A pre-assembled emergency cricothyrotomy unit
  • 10 ml syringe
  • Padded neck strap
  • Connecting tube
Product specifications:
  • Plastic cannula with:
    • Fixation flange
    • 15mm connector
  • Cricothyrotomy Needle
    • Stainless steel 
    • Removable 
  • Removable stopper
Product Benefits:
  • Removable stopper
    • Reduces risk of damage to the rear wall of the trachea
  • Conical needle tip guarantees the smallest necessary stoma and reduces bleeding
  • The syringe allows identification of the trachea by aspirating air
  • Connecting tube for immediate ventilation
Available in Adult & Child sizes.
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