Russell PneumoFix™ Decompression Needle, 12ga

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Product description:

The Russell PneumoFix® is a sterile decompression needle designed for the removal of fl­uid from the pleural cavity by appropriately trained medical professionals.

Designed by practicing clinicians who understand the limitations of conventional equipment, the Russell PneumoFix™ has the following features:

  • For medical professionals, use of the Russell PneumoFix™ is quick, simple and intuitive.
  • Unlike the intravenous cannula, used historically in an improvised way for the management of tension pneumothorax, the Russell PneumoFix™ is designed specifically for this purpose.
  • The Russell PneumoFix™ has been designed to be inserted without the need for a scalpel or skin incision.
  • The device incorporates a Veress-tipped needle to minimize risk of injury to lung tissue.
  • 11cm long catheter – long enough to reach the pleural cavity of the vast majority of patients.
  • Low pressure one-way valve – to allow air and fluid out but nothing in.
  • Graduated markings and X-ray detectable catheter – for depth recording and accurate localization at hospital.
  • 12-Gauge catheter– allows for rapid venting of air in tension pneumothorax
  • Material chosen which minimizes the risk of kinking of the catheter.
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