Inter-Therm™ HMEF w/ Luer Lock Port, Sterile

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Product description:

The Inter-Therm range of sterile HMEFs is designed for use in breathing systems in the operating room and intensive care unit. The Inter-Therm includes a wound paper HME media, providing excellent humidification and low resistance properties.


  • Turbo webs - Evenly distributes air flow to ensure all of the filter media is utilized
  • HME on the patient side - Ensures low resistance to flow during use
  • Wound paper HME element - Provides high moisture return
  • Self retaining port cap - Improving patient safety


  • Moisture loss: 6mg H2O/L
  • Calculated moisture return: 32.3mg H2O/L
  • Filtration efficiency: >99.998%
  • Resistance at 30L/min: 1.6cm H2O
  • Resistance at 60L/min: 2.7cm H2O
  • Compressible volume: 57ml
  • Weight: 31g
  • Connectors: 22ID/15OD - 22OD/15ID
  • Minimum tidal volume: >180ml
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