Laryngoscope Blade and Handle, Disposable, Miller

Manufacturer: SUNMED
Manufacturer: SUNMED

BLADE: Patented combination White/UV LED lighting produces an optimized bright, high definition laryngeal view, enabling airway structures to be clearly visible and vocal cords to stand out. Reflectivity from fluids and tissue in airway is also dramatically reduced when compared to incandescent lighted blades, even fiber optics. Available in sizes MILLER (00,0,1,1.5,2,3,4).


  • Dual Lighted Disposable Blades with Dual UV/White LED Technology
  • Disposable Stainless Steel Blades
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel
  • Fits into both reusable and disposable all-metal handles
  • Fluorescent Coated Stylette helps under the UV light to guide positioning of the ET tube into the tracheal opening
  • Cost effective technology

HANDLE: Constructed of aluminum and available in a standard, “stubby” and pediatric sizes, these handles will power all IntuBrite™ laryngoscope blades at their optimal level. Positioned as an option for hospitals and EMS services who wish to have a low cost, long-life disposable handle available for placement in crash carts or other infrequent-use environments that is capable of fully powering all IntuBrite™ laryngoscope blades. Priced and shipped with batteries included.

Power Supply: 6 volts (medium or stubby) generated through 3 stacked 4.5v (pediatric) watch-style lithium batteries. Intended for single use.

Duration of optimal power is >1.5 hours in continuous use.

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