Salter Labs® 8900 Small Volume Jet Nebulizers

Manufacturer: SUNMED
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Manufacturer: SUNMED
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Product description:

The Salter Labs® 8900 small volume jet nebulizer is a versatile, high performance jet nebulizer which delivers reliable and cost effective aerosol therapy. Ideally suited for hospital or home therapy. Design allows 3cc medication delivery in seven (7) minutes or less, even when held at an angle. Works great in ventilator circuits. Easily connects to adult or pediatric masks.

  • Nebulizes 3cc within 7min or less at 7lpm
  • Nebulizes in horizontal or vertical position
  • Larger surface area provided by unique convex cone design
  • Removable green convex cone
  • Scalloped, bottom cuff design
  • One-eighth turn screw on cap
  • Anti-drool “T”
  • Shortened treatment times
  • Allows patient to be in a comfortable position for treatment
  • Maximum capillary action eliminates medication waste
  • Easy to see and allows for thorough jet cleaning and reassembly
  • Allows the unit to stand alone; simplifies tube attachment
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, provides a leak proof seal
  • Prevents medication contamination from patient saliva
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