Intersurgical EcoLite™ Aerosol Masks

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Product description:
Intersurgical EcoLite aerosol masks are available in a pediatric and adult size and is made from non-PVC materials, as part of the Eco range.
EcoLite Aerosol Mask features:
  • Made from non-pvc material
  • For use with all Intersurgical nebulizers
    • Aerosol mask is available alone or can be paired with our Cirrus nebulizer or Silente adjustable venturi valve
  • Incurved nose seal
    • Eliminating the need for a separate nose clip
  • Designed to prevent oxygen or Aerosolised drugs entering the patient’s eyes
  • Soft face seal
  • A choice of "under chin" or "on chin" position
  • 50% Lighter than a PVC mask and more comfortable for the patient
  • Lowered environmental impact
  • Exhalation ports have been designed to minimise the amount of rebreathed carbon dioxide
  • Clear mask, permitting visualization of the patient’s nose and lips
  • Rigid enough to maintain the mask’s shape during transportation and use
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