Curaplex® OB Kit w/ Clamp and Scissors

Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
List Price: $44.99 EA
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Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
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Product description:
This kit provides first responders of all professions with a variety of essential tools for emergency obstetrical care. Kit components are packaged together in a plastic bag.
(1) Pair of gloves, latex-free, large
(1) OB napkin
(2) OB towelettes
(2) Umbilical Cord Clamps
(1) Scissor, umbilical cord
(2) Underpads, 17” x 24”
(4) Towels, 13” x 19”
(1) Drape sheet, 40” x 48”
(1) Placenta bag, plastic
(1) Bulb syringe, 2oz
(12) Gauze sponges, 4” x 4”
(1) Foil baby bunting
(1) Isolation gown
(1) Roll of umbilical tape, cotton, 1/8” x 18”
(2) Alcohol prep pads
(1) Trash bag, 10 gallon
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