Curaplex® Manual Suction Pump, 500mmHg

Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
List Price: $63.99 EA
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Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
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Product description:

The Curaplex® hand-held suction pump is a compact, hand powered, durable, light weight and high volume suction unit. Perfect for emergency suction of adult, pediatric, and neonate patients.

Refill canisters are available (See You May Also Like Section).


  • Easy to operate by one hand
  • Stable and shock resistant
  • Heat resistant, reusable suction canister made of durable plastic that is shatter and leak proof
  • Simple maintenance and easy to replace or clean canister
  • Built-in overflow protection mechanism against spilling and clogging
  • Adjustable vacuum for child or adult
  • Fits most common suction catheters 

Each manual suction unit comes complete with​:

  • Reusable pump
  • An Interchangeable Canister
  • (2) Soft catheters
    • (1) Small
    • (1) Large
  • Instructions
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