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MedaSonics CardioBeat Blood Flow Doppler w/Stethoscope - OTHER MANUFACTURER

Offers a patented noise reduction feature that allows even the weakest pulse to resonate clearly. Includes 5.12 MHz Doppler, stethoscope headset, gel, two AA 1.5V batteries and soft carrying case....1/EA

171041 $859.99 EA

Dopplex Mini Non-Directional Doppler, w/5 MHz Probe, incl Headphones and Carrying Bag - HUNTLEIGH TECHNOLOGY

Handheld, low cost audio only, non-directional Doppler, principally for ABPI measurements by nurses and doctors in their role of leg ulcer management. Clear audio sounds of blood flow or fetal heart....1/EA

170900 $899.99 EA

Stethoscope, Doppler, Nicolet EN35, with 3 & 5 MHz Probes - NATUS NEUROLOGY INCORPORATED

The Elite is a configurable, ultrasound Doppler used to detect the fetal heartbeat and to assist in monitoring peripheral arterial and venous blood flow....1/EA

10420 $859.99 EA

MedaSonics Blood Flow Doppler incl Stethoscope Headset, Gel, Battery, Case - OTHER MANUFACTURER

Used to locate vessels and assess vessel patency, to calculate ankle-brachial index or to measure systolic blood pressure....1/EA

2770-010 $1,289.99 EA

Stethoscope, Doppler, Vascular, 8 MHz - KOVEN TECHNOLOGY INC

Hand held design model has both Vascular and Fetal applications, interchangeable probes with activation buttons, and automatic power off....1/EA

8751 $809.99 EA

Nicolet P300 Pocket-Dop II Fetal Doppler w/3 MHz OB Probe, Hand-Held, Built-In Speaker - NATUS NEUROLOGY INCORPORATED

Features interchangeable probes and built-in speaker for vascular and obstetrical applications. Includes soft sided case with 1 or 2 probes, recharger, walkman-style headset, gel, batteries and CD....1/EA

2770-30016 $999.99 EA

Probe, Fetal, 2.25 MHz, for the ES-100VX MiniDopple - KOVEN TECHNOLOGY INC

2.25 MHz fetal doppler to be used with the ES-100VX MiniDoppler® Ultrasound Doppler....1/EA

8754 $559.99 EA

Nicolet Elite Doppler, 3 MHz OB Probe, 5 MHz Vascular Probe, 9 V Alkaline Batteries - NATUS NEUROLOGY INCORPORATED

Features broad beam technology, making it easy to find and lock onto the signal of interest. The probes also incorporate Static Suppression Doppler (SSD) technology for a clear, static-free signal....1/EA

ED35 $1,209.99 EA

Dopplex Mini Non-Directional Doppler, 2 MHz Probe, for D900 Dopplex - HUNTLEIGH TECHNOLOGY

High sensititivity probe designed for obstetric for fetal heart detection. Increased sensitivity for easier dectection of smaller vessels and calcified arteries. ...1/EA

OP2-HS $414.99 EA

Stethoscope Cord, for Nicolet Doppler, Replacement, Coiled - NATUS NEUROLOGY INCORPORATED

No additional details available at this time....1/EA

11796 $19.29 EA