Drug Supply Chain Security Act

Beginning May 1, 2015

Prepare for Drug Tracing Requirements

Under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), also known as "drug tracing", all entities in the drug supply chain will play a role in establishing a national system for tracing prescription drugs and must follow certain requirements that will protect against counterfeiting, contamination, adulteration and diversion. Detailed below are some of the relevant components of the law.

Ownership and Record Keeping

Beginning May 1, 2015, you may only accept ownership of a prescription drug if the previous owner provides transaction information, transaction history and a transaction statement, collectively referred to as transaction reports. You must maintain transaction reports for six years and be able to provide it upon request from the FDA or other federal or state official in the event of a recall or for the purpose of investigating a suspect or illegitimate product.

Bound Tree Medical will provide paper copies of DSCSA transaction reports within each shipment containing prescription drugs, beginning May 1, 2015. To request additional copies of DSCSA transaction reports, call Bound Tree Medical Customer Service at 800-533-0523.

Trade Only with "Authorized" Trading Partners

The wholesale distributors that you buy prescription drugs from must have valid registrations or licenses. You must have processes in place to identify suspect and illegitimate product to further ensure a secure supply chain.

Bound Tree Medical maintains all appropriate state and federal licenses for our distribution centers and complies with all provisions under the DSCSA.

Customer Returns of Prescription Drugs

Bound Tree Medical has had a long-standing policy of not permitting customer returns of prescription drugs. Exceptions to this policy have been made in the past. However, as of May 1, 2015, Bound Tree Medical will be strictly enforcing this policy and no returns of prescriptions drugs will be permitted. The need to provide accurate transaction reports to customers as required by the DSCSA is dictating this change. Please be assured that all other aspects of Bound Tree Medical’s return policy remains unchanged.

DSCSA Resources

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