EMS Roundtable with Congressman Mike Carry (R-OH), Bound Tree, AAA, NAEMT and Superior Ambulance

Rob Meriweather, President Emergency Preparedness and Tim Rubert, Vice President of Government Affairs, met with Congressman Carey in Dublin in Sept 2022 to discuss the crisis facing EMS in this country. Congressman Carey went on to sponsor an EMS Roundtable in May 2023 and invited other congressional colleagues and their staff. The roundtable was held in the House Administration Committee chamber in Washington. In addition, Randy Stroyzk, American Ambulance Association President, Matt Zavadsky, Chief Transformation Officer, Medstar Mobile Healthcare, Kyle Wolber, Director of Logistics, Superior Ambulance, and Steve Kroll, Head of the NAEMT Advocacy Committee participated as EMS subject matter experts. The group discussed HR1737 and the economic value of EMS providing Treatment in Place (TIP) and Treatment to Alternate Destinations (TAD) to patients. Recent reports from CMS studies indicate the average savings to the Medicare health program is over $530 per patient per incident.

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