BioHoop Collection Bags


The Ultimate Collection Bag!

The BioHoop® is a versatile and leak-proof bag that solves your waste containment needs and much more. The BioHoop makes your job easier and reduces your clean-up time.


  • The largest opening of any compact collection bag
  • Semi-rigid rim keeps the bag open, providing a large target for the patient that will not collapse
  • Dimensions: Large bag, 8in x 13-3/4in
  • Volume: Holds up to 3 liters
  • Clear front with graduated markings makes it easy for hospital personnel  to examine contents
  • Tamper resistant bag is perfect for emesis, urine, blood spills, soiled dressing, patient belongings like jewelry and cell phones, evidence, or other waste material
  • Long, protective cuff on both sides protects your hands from fluids.
  • Cinchable strap allows instant closure with a quick pull, eliminating spills and odor
  • Unique hook allows the bag to hang within easy reach on ambulance cot rails, hospital beds or wheelchairs
    • Available with or without hook.
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