Advanced Infection Control Kit with Patient Belonging Bag

Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
List Price: $59.99 - $94.99 EA
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Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
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Product description:

This Advanced Infection Control Kit contains essential items for not only personal protection, but decontamination and spill cleanup as well. Make sure youre covered, regardless of the emergency scenario, with this comprehensive kit.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Tychem coverall
  • (1) Bouffant cap
  • (1) Pair of shoe covers
  • (1) Respirator, N95 mask
  • (1) Face shield
  • (1) Pair of gloves, latex-free
  • (1) Antimicrobial skin wipe
  • (1) Disinfectant wipe
  • (1) Convenience bag
  • (1) Biohazard bag
  • (1) Property bag
  • (1) Packet of solidifying powder, 10 gram
  • (1) Scoop and scraper set
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