Wings™ Fluff and Polymer Underpad, 30in x 36in, Large

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Product description:
Wings™ fluff and polymer underpad with spunbond non-woven topsheet, diamond-embossed and polypropylene backsheet. Extra heavy absorbent polymer and odor controlling agent provide maximum incontinence protection and neutralize odors.
  • Dryness enhanced topsheet
  • Super-absorbent polymer and odor controlling agent
  • Fluff filler
  • Polypropylene backing
  • Diamond-embossed pattern for pad stability and utilization
  • Spunbond nonwoven topsheet allows fluid to pass through quickly to the core
  • Maximum absorbency and effective odor reduction in a range of sizes
  • Ideal for overnight use
  • Strong waterproof polypropylene backsheet protects against leakage and resists melting
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