Pedi-Sleeve Pediatric Dosing System

Manufacturer: ST. PETE SAFETY
Manufacturer: ST. PETE SAFETY

The Pedi-Sleeve alleviates an enormous amount of this stress by putting all the resuscitation information you need to save that life in a convenient, easy to read format including dosages in milliliters combined with hands free accessibility. No need for any calculations, they are a major source of pediatric dosing errors and they are rendered unnecessary and obsolete!


  1.  No reading a tape – chart or book on scene
  2.  HANDS FREE – dosing in volume
  3.  Dosing Compliant – to the 2015 PALS standards
  4.  Option to Customize & update cards
  5.  No calculations – dosing errors minimized
  6.  Sleeve is with you – for report to the emergency room staff
  7.  Saved department funding – never purchase a tape, chart or book when standards change
  8.  Disposable sleeves


  • Safe dosing for EMS and Firefighters during pediatric emergency situations

Length Based Dosing

  • Length based dosing for accurately measuring dosages according to patient physical characteristics

Error Elimination

  • Eliminates the possibility of over or under-dosing pediatric drug calculation situations


  • Fully customizable sleeves according to the drugs you prefer to utilize in your emergency situations
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