Bone Injection Guns (B.I.G.)

Manufacturer: PERSYS MEDICAL
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Manufacturer: PERSYS MEDICAL
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Product description:
The Bone Injection Gun (B.I.G.) presents an easy and safe "position and press" mechanism. The world’s first automatic, user-friendly IO device brings you safe, rapid IO access for the delivery of fluids and medications at flow rates similar to peripheral IV infusion.

Features and benefits:
  • Needle diameter: 18 gauge for Pediatric; 15 gauge for Adult
  • Dial by age – automatically sets needle depth
  • Safe - no direct contact with patient's blood
  • Easy - short learning curve for caregivers
  • Plastic
  • Disposable
  • Automatic spring-loaded infusion device
  • FDA (adult & pediatric) and CE approvals
  • Completely mechanical, no need for any energy source​
  • Sterile
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