QinFlow Warrior LITE Blood and Fluid Warmer with Extra Power Battery

Manufacturer: QINFLOW
Manufacturer: QINFLOW

The Warrior lite is designed to support the needs of a lightweight and compact solution, while delivering non-compromising levels of performance. The unit warms near freezing blood/IV fluids at up to 180mL/min and 3 liters with a single charge.

The Warrior lite is a 3-part system composed of a controller (or base unit), battery and per-patient warmer (i.e. disposable unit). Assembly is simple and fail-safe, and takes seconds to accomplish. The LED display is designed to support night-vision goggles. The consumable’s fluid path is aluminum-free, thus eliminating toxicity concerns associated with aluminum. Instead, the consumable uses patented medical-grade stainless steel warming technology. The system measures fluid temperatures a few hundred times per second and automatically adjusts the heating to ensure 38°C (±2°C) output.


  • Dimensions: 4.13in L x 3.46in W x 4.52in H
  • Weight: 2.39lb (base and battery)
  • Battery: Rechargeable, Lithium-ion, 18.0V, 5.5Ah, 99Wh
  • Warms near frozen blood/fluid to about 38°C (± 2°C) in a few seconds
  • The same disposable unit can be used for blood and fluid products
  • Can be mounted to pole, rail or stretcher; can be hooked to a carabiner or attached with a strap
  • Contains Latex
  • Non-sterile
  • Aluminum-free
  • Extra Power Battery
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