AED Cabinet Surface with Alarm, 17.5in H x 17.5in W x 7in D


  • Cabinets are made of steel
  • Alarm is key activated with piercing sound from 85 to 120db
  • Alarm is set standard to activate when door is open and stop when door is closed
  • Shut alarm off with key only
  • Alarm activates for 30sec, then shuts off
  • Alarm activates for 3min, then shuts off
  • Alarm can be wired into building security system
  • Choice of white powder painted corrosive resistant galvanized steel or stainless steel
  • All MMP stainless steel continuous hinge and chrome plated handle
  • Designed for quick one pull to open
  • No twist and pull
  • Alarmed cabinets equipped with the most versatile and reliable alarm in the industry
  • Cabinets with strobe feature high voltage xenon bulb
  • SR3 cabinets fit standard 2in x 4in all construction
  • SR3 and R1 Cabinets are ADA compliant
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