Kendall™ Kittycat® 1051NPSM Cloth Electrodes, Neonatal/Pediatric, 2.5cm Size

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Product description:
Kendall™ cloth pre-wired electrodes use a patented conductive adhesive hydrogel which provides firm adhesion while minimizing irritation to delicate newborn skin. The wires on the Kendall™ electrodes are 24in length, terminate in the industry standard 0.060in safety socket and are color coded for easy lead designation. In addition, the cloth Kendall™ electrodes come in two sizes as well as radiolucent versions for use in x-ray.
  • Patented conductive adhesive hydrogel: Provides firm adhesion while minimizing irritation to delicate newborn skin and leaves no adhesive residue
  • Cloth substrate: Easily conforms to the skin and stretches with the patient to provide additional comfort
  • Available two radiolucent versions: Allows the electrode to stay in place during an X-ray
  • Color-coded wires: Provides easy lead identification
  • Snapless, low profile electrode: Increases patient comfort by eliminating pressure points
  • Pre-attached wire: Reduces motion artifact and false alarms caused by lead wire disconnections
  • Two sizes: Fits any size patient
  • These ECG electrodes are Latex-free. In addition, none of the packaging utilizes any natural rubber latex
  • Electrode electrical characteristics meet or exceed AAMI specifications, including DC offset, AC impedance, defibrillation recovery and DC drift. Actual specifications vary depending on the product
  • Skin preparation: Make sure the electrode site is free of any vernix or oils. Clean area with water or a saline bullet and dry thoroughly. Neonate skin should be cleaned thoroughly for optimal adhesion of hydrogel electrodes. Application of any lotion or residual gel on skin from previous electrodes may interfere with adhesion of any additional electrode
  • Hydrogel electrodes should be kept in a cool and dry environment. Do not open package until ready to use because the gel can dry out. Do not keep an unopened pack of electrodes on a radiant warmer
  • Cloth Kendall™ neonatal electrodes are radiolucent for use under x-ray. They use carbon wires to provide additional radiolucency
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