Trust what’s in your hands

The Nonin CO-Pilot Multi-Parameter Wireless Handheld System reliably measures five parameters including SpO2, COHb, and rSO2 in even the most challenging conditions.

Discover the capabilities of CO-Pilot

Pulse Oximetry Icon
Pulse Oximetry

Accurately spot-check patient SpO2, even in the presence of CO, low perfusion and motion

Pulse Rate Icon
Pulse Rate

Unlike most competitive oximetry technology, Nonin’s readings are refreshed with each pulse

Carboxyhemoglobin Icon

COHb accuracy with patients in normoxia and hypoxia

Methemoglobin Icon

The CO-Pilot populates accurate and reliable COHb and MetHb readings in just 30 seconds

Cerebral/Tissue Oximetry Icon
Cerebral/Tissue Oximetry

Use cerebral oximetry readings to inform clinical decision-making during CPR

Wireless Connectivity Icon
Wireless Connectivity

Wireless signal processing transmits patient readings to a handheld display, allowing for remote monitoring of up to 30 feet