e500 Electronic Automatic Transport Ventilator


The e500 ventilator is an electronically controlled, pneumatically powered ventilator bringing a range of ventilation solutions for all types of patient requirements for healthcare professionals.

The units are self-contained and only require attachment to a regulated oxygen supply and a transport ventilator circuit for immediate use. The continuous monitoring of ventilation parameters ensures that the device is always fully functional and ready for immediate use

The e500 model provides ventilation for both resuscitation and transport with the minimum of control adjustments required for simple patient set up. These products are designed to speed up and simplify even the most complex ventilation set up – requiring only the selection of patient size to begin ventilation.

The e500 ventilator provides excellent low gas consumption and an extremely long battery operating time. This assists in providing controlled ventilation to the patient over an extended period, making the e500 ventilator ideal for long transports where both electrical and oxygen supplies are always a critical concern.


  • Includes: 6ft hose, power supply, circuit and test lung
  • Dimensions: 9.84in L x 7.87in W x 6.10 H
  • Weight: 5.29lb (with battery)
  • Patient Size: Large Adult, Adult, Child, Infant
  • Battery Life: 18-24hr
  • Rechargeable battery (built in battery charger)
  • Display has day and night modes
  • Visual and audible alarms for changes in patient
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