Training from Basic to Advanced

The right training, including simulation and feedback, is necessary to become proficient in life-saving procedures. When lives are at risk, Bound Tree is here to ensure you have the training tools you need.

Layperson CPR Manikins

Provide simple CPR to the masses with our manikins designed specifically for the layperson. With these training tools, your community can become more confident and prepared to help save lives.

BLS Training Manikins

Train for better results and optimize your CPR performance by receiving real-time feedback on essential parameters of CPR with our basic life support manikins.

ALS Training Manikins

Provide training on advanced procedures like airway insertion, resuscitation, CPR, IV insertion defibrillation, ECG readings,  and pulse checking with our advanced life support manikins.

Specialty Skill Trainers

Enhance your training of procedures associated with intraosseous (IO) infusion and cricothyrotomy with our specialty training manikins.

AED Training Solutions

Early defibrillation is a key step in the Chain of Survival. AED trainers allow you to practice fast and accurate defibrillation and better prepare you for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) scenarios.