Ambu® Junior

Manufacturer: AMBU INC.
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Manufacturer: AMBU INC.
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Product description:

The Ambu® Junior is a child training manikin which offers human anatomical correct landmarks dedicated to the training of external chest compression and ventilation. The Ambu® Junior is a lifelike and cost efficient training manikin that is designed to fulfill all requirements for training of BLS algorithms training.

Key Benefits:

  • The Ambu® Junior has the appearance of a 3 year old child with a body size of 86cm. 
  • The lifelike anatomy of the manikin enables a realistic determination of the correct hand placement for performing chest compressions. 
  • The Ambu® Junior allows an optimal training of chest compression in combination with realistic ventilation. The unique hygienic system prevents cross contamination. It allows a realistic ventilation resistance and expiration through the mouth.
  • The closed shaped torso with its anatomically correct landmarks allows trainees to learn and train the use of Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) and the placements of pads. 

Realistic Ventilation 

  • The students will feel the realistic airway resistance and the chest will start rising when the head is correct tilted and air blown into the manikin. 
  • The Ambu® Junior enables to look, listen and feel the ventilation as in real life. 

Water rescue 

  • The Ambu® Junior has a waterproof design that allows the training of CPR for drowning victims.
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