Free EMS Continuing Education Courses

Bound Tree University offers free, online, CAPCE-accredited EMS1 Academy continuing education courses.

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Registration FAQ

When I attempt to register, it says I am "already a member"

Your email address already exists in our system. You may have previously registered for the Classroom or you may have an account with Your username and password from can be used to login to the Bound Tree University Classroom since Bound Tree University is powered by EMS1. If you have forgotten your username and password, you can retrieve it here.

What if I forgot my username and/or password?

You can retrieve and reset your username and password by clicking here.

I live outside of the United States. What should I put for the "zip code"?

Simply enter "00000" as a placeholder in this field.

I am not licensed - can I still take courses?

Yes, you can still take courses even though you are not licensed. After registering for an account on Bound Tree University, please login. Once logged in, simply don't input any license or credential information and you can take courses without having any training records reported to CAPCE towards any license or credential.

Accreditation FAQ

Does Bound Tree University offer CAPCE-accredited continuing education courses?

Yes. Bound Tree University offers free EMS1 Academy courses that have been produced and approved by the EMS1 Academy, a CAPCE-accredited organization. Each course is approved for 1.0 hours of CE. Successful completion is automatically reported to CAPCE by EMS1 Academy.

Is Bound Tree University a CAPCE-accredited organization?

No. Bound Tree University offers free EMS1 Academy courses that have been produced and approved by the EMS1 Academy, a CAPCE-accredited organization.

How do I report completed CEUs to my state?

Course completion will be automatically reported to the CAPCE once a course has been passed successfully. If you would like for your certificates to be sent to a different office than the CAPCE listed, you will have to email or mail in your certificates of completed courses manually.

Are Bound Tree University classroom courses accepted in my state?

Information on regulatory approvals for your state can be found online here.

Which courses are accredited for Basic Life Support and which are accredited for Advanced Life Support?

All of our courses are authorized and certified by CAPCE in all three categories: First Responder, Basic & Advanced.

Are the Bound Tree University Classroom courses considered "instructor based" according to the NREMT?

No, the courses available to you through Bound Tree University are considered to be online/distributive by NREMT, not instructor based. For reference, check out the NREMT recertification brochure, which explains how much distributive learning can be applied to each recertification.

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