Curaplex® Emergency Oxygen Kit

Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
Manufacturer: CURAPLEX

The Curaplex® Emergency Oxygen Kit is an industry leading oxygen duffel loaded with the pictured and listed supplies. Oxygen cylinder ships unfilled. Deluxe padded shoulder strap included.

Kit includes:

  • (5) Oxygen masks, adult, elongated, partial non-rebreather w/ vent, reservoir bag, 7’ tubing
  • (1) Berman oral airway kit, includes sizes 1-6
  • (1) Oxygen cylinder, with aluminum toggle, size D
  • (1) Oxygen regulator, all-brass, 2 DISS, 1 barb
  • (5) Oxygen nasal cannulas, adult, conventional, green, 7’ tubing
  • (1) LA RESCUE oxygen duffle bag, green, 22 in L x 9 in diameter
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