ViaValve® Safety IV Catheters, with Blood Control, Winged

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Product description:

ViaValve® Winged Safety IV Catheters provide blood control to help reduce the risk of blood exposure and contamination. A unique valve inside the catheter hub impedes blood flow from the patient’s vein upon initial venipuncture. Maintaining a clean access site helps prevent the transfer of bloodborne pathogens from patient to caregiver on soiled gloves, clothing, bedding and dressings. The catheter valve, once in the patient’s vein, is activated by attaching the Luer fitting of an infusion line which opens the valve to allow unrestricted flow.


  • Wings for greater clinician choice and enhanced securement
  • Polyurethane catheter tubes that offer similar handling and performance with improved kink flow recovery
  • Fully encased needle safety design helps prevent needle stick injuries and blood exposure
  • Safety guard surrounds the retracted introducer needle and produces a “click” to indicate that the needle is contained for handling and disposal
  • Sliding shield provides greater control during one-handed insertion and threading
  • Catheter’s ribbed hub facilitates catheter securement
  • FLASH-VUE® early flash indicator reveals when the needle tip enters a vein
    • featured on 20 to 24 gauges
  • V-point needle helps maximize patient comfort with low penetration force
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