Curaplex® Stop the Bleed®, Advanced Kit with SOFT-T

Manufacturer: CURAPLEX
Manufacturer: CURAPLEX

Curaplex Stop The Bleed® Kits are designed to provide its user with immediate access to products intended to stop traumatic hemorrhaging. These kits are all vacuum packed and tamper-proofed for easy storage and opening.

The Advanced Curaplex® Stop the Bleed® Kit contains products for emergency responders or civilians to address a traumatic bleeding situation.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Permanent marker
  • (2) Pair of gloves
  • (1) SOFT-T® tourniquet
  • (1) Emergency bandage
  • (1) Pair of trauma shears
  • (2) Rolls of compressed gauze dressing
  • (1) Pack of chest seals  (2/PK)
  • (1) QuikClot Combat Gauze, 3in L x 4yd W

*Kit is vacuum-packed and tamper-proofed*

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