AED Practi-TRAINER®, 7.5in L x 6in W x 1.75in H

Manufacturer: WNL PRODUCTS
Manufacturer: WNL PRODUCTS

A unique and cost-effective simulator, the AED Practi-TRAINER® features a plug-in scenario and language module that makes it easy to comply with updated ECC guidelines without having to re-program or purchase a new trainer. This trainer is fully compliant with the new ECC 2010 guidelines and features instructions in both English and Spanish for 10 pre-programmed scenarios that can be changed with the remote control. Includes adult and child pads for complete training.

  • 10 pre-programmed scenarios
  • English and Spanish language module included, other language options available
  • Voice module is removable and replaceable if guidelines change
  • Volume adjustment
  • External speaker input
  • Adjustable metronome 100, 110, 120cpm
  • “Switch CPR mode” allows for compression only or compression and breaths metronome
  • Automatic and semi-automatic modes
  • 9 simulation options (low battery, poor pad connection, etc.), allow additional, realistic training opportunities
  • Adult and child pads and training connectors are included for complete training 1 adapter, 1 manual, 1 carry case


  • Dimensions: 7.5in L x 6in W x 1.75in H
  • Battery: Main Unit: (3) AA batteries (not included), Remote: (2) AAA batteries (not included)
  • Type: Trainer
  • AED Practi-TRAINER® includes: Adult and child pads, training connectors, 1 adapter, 1 manual and 1 carry case
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