AED Practi-TRAINER® 4-Pack

Manufacturer: WNL PRODUCTS
Manufacturer: WNL PRODUCTS
This AED Practi-TRAINER includes a replaceable scenario/language module, making it one of the most unique and cost-effective units on the market today. This replaceable module means that when AHA guidelines are updated, you only need to upgrade your plug-in module – no need to buy an entirely new unit or send it out for re-programming! It is fully compliant with AHA 2015 guidelines. Unit is lightweight and easy to carry. Easy to install/replace module includes 8 pre-programmed scenarios that provide useful training and troubleshooting options for students (in both English and Spanish). The remote control unit provides instructors with easy access to changing scenarios and ability to pause play for classroom discussion. Adult and Child pads and training connectors are included for complete training. Practi-TRAINER uses 3 AA batteries (not included) or A/C Adapter (sold separately). 1-year warranty.
  • (1) Carry and Storage Case for 4-Pack of Practi-TRAINER Units
  • (4) Practi-TRAINER units with 8 pre-programmed scenarios
  • (4) Remote Controls (each requires 2 AAA batteries, not included)
  • (4) Sets of Child Pads and Connector
  • (4) Sets of Adult Pads and Connector
  • (4) Manuals
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