Pulse Oximeter, LCD Display

Manufacturer: EDAN USA
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Manufacturer: EDAN USA
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Product description:
The H100B pulse oximeter provides a simple universal tool for patient monitoring - from spot checks to continuous monitoring. All monitoring data can be transferred to PC for storage, management, review and printing.
  • RTC (real time clock) display
  • Backlight control and automatic power-off function for power saving
  • SpO2 and pulse rate measurement
  • Display numeric and waveform of SpO2 simultaneously
  • Long battery life - up to 48hr on 4 AA or 36hr on Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
  • Powerful data storage capacity
  • Data can be transferred to PC for storage, review and printing
  • The latest 10min trend graph and table of SpO2 and pulse rate can be reviewed in the screen
  • Audible and visible alarm capability
  • Pitch tone
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