EzPAP® Positive Airway Pressure System

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Product description:
The EZPAP® positive airway pressure system is used to expand the lungs by increasing Functional Residue Capacity (FRC). Increasing FRC has been found to contribute to the prevention and reversal of atelectasis.
EzPAP® is the easy option for the prevention and treatment of atelectasis and a medical need for lung expansion therapy.
When incentive spirometry alone won't open patient's airways, expand your options with EzPAP®. It makes providing positive airway pressure positively easy. Simply connect to a flow meter (wall air or O2 for enhanced FiO2), adjust 5-15 lpm, and instruct the patient to breathe normally through the mouthpiece or mask. Just a few minutes of therapy, as needed - not for hours at a time.
EzPAP® features a pressure port for connection to a gauge (recommended for initial use with each patient), and a standard 22 mm OD fitting to accommodate a mouthpiece or 3 mask options.
The EzPAP® Positive Airway Pressure System includes the EzPAP® lung expansion device, mouthpiece, pressure port cap, and 7 feet of tubing. 
  • Use with mouthpiece or mask attachment
  • 22 OD patient end
  • Scalloped ambient air inlet
  • Pressure port with cap
  • Complete procedural kit
  • Disposable manometer
  • Single patient use
  • Can be used with mask or mouthpiece attachment
  • Allows use with inline nebulizer when fitted with tee adapter Prevents inadvertent occlusion
  • Connects to gauge tubing
  • Eliminates collecting components
  • Eliminates the need to carry a manometer

Three mask options are also available.

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