SMARTSafe™ Ward Evacuation Management Set

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Product description:
Time Saving

Designed by nurses to fit with standard process’ SMARTSafe™ Property Bags will help increase the efficiency patients belongings are cared for and reduce time spent looking for misplaced items

Secure Belongings

The Robust, Tamper resistant material and security seal will secure patient belongings, ensuring peice of mind for both Nursing Staff, the Patient and facility management


Simplified Handover

Having all the patients belongings in one sealed bag, simplifys handover between staff, departments, units and facilities. Resulting in a significant reduction in lost items.

Barcode Tracking

The barcoded wrist band will link the belongings to the patient, the peel of barcode lables give additional ways to track handover between departments and establish a link to the patients physical chart.

SMARTSafe Property Bags have a unique barcoded wristband which allows for simple tracking of patient belongings, ensuring that they are returned to your patient safely after their treatment

To help safeguard their belongings and offer all round peace of mind, SMARTSafe™ Property Bags are a simple, cost effective solution.

Secure, durable and easy to use. Available in two different sizes, belongings such as dentures, hearing aids, wallets, keys, clothes and jewellery can all be stored and tracked, reducing anxiety and saving time.

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