Ambu® Man Airway Wireless

Manufacturer: AMBU INC.
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Manufacturer: AMBU INC.
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Product description:

The Ambu® Man Airway Wireless is a highly developed instruction- and training manikin that provides a remarkably lifelike representation of the human anatomy, particularly those features important to training in modern resuscitation.

  • Torso
  • Integrated Ambu Wireless Technology
  • Ambu Manikin Management Module
  • Transport Bag/Practice Mat


  • Connectivity: WLAN or LAN, Ambu Wireless Technology build on latest generation of Intel WLAN Modules
  • Ambu Manikin Management Module:Operating system independent and browser-based control, programmable scenarios, individual documentation for up to 4 participants, parallel display and
    control of up to 6 manikins, parallel multiple access of various devices for
    visualization of the performance
  • Power Supply: AC adapter, battery pack or PoE (optional, not included in packaging)
  • Airway Management: Training of airway management: like laryngeal masks, laryngeal or tracheal tube. Bag-mask ventilation and use of the Guedel airway. Airways open only with correct hyperextension
  • Manual Feedback Display: Extendable Ventilation volume, compression depth, hand position, stomach inflation

Ambu® Man meets the new 2019 AHA requirement (rate, depth & recoil)​.

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