Little Baby QCPR

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Product description:

Little Baby QCPR has been developed in close collaboration with partners and customers, and is intended to help instructors:

  • teach quality CPR in their bystander training courses
  • increase efficiency and effectiveness in their courses, with multiple student monitoring
  • build confidence in learners by using a gaming element to make learning more engaging

The new Little Baby QCPR includes our QCPR technology, which provides:

  • real-time feedback on compressions and ventilations
  • post-event debrief, including score, tip for improvement, and detailed performance summary

New notable features of Little Baby QCPR include:

  • Feedback on hand placement
  • New audio crying feature for choking training 
  • Visible chest rise on ventilations
  • Visible landmarks
  • Limbs with realistic movement

Feedback options include:

  • QCPR Instructor App – for instructors to monitor up to 6 manikins at once
  • QCPR Learner App – for students to monitor their own performance
  • SkillGuide – tethered option for students to monitor their own performance
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